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Design Process

Whether you need brand identity design, a logo or custom design, my design process follows the same steps.



First, fill out the form on my contact page to get started. From there the next steps are:

  • A short introductory phone call to get acquainted and discuss the project scope, timelines and budget 
  • I'll send over a proposal and contract for your review
  • If approved a 50% deposit* is required for a project to begin 
  • The remaining payment is due upon project completion (net 15-30 days)  

*Note: For larger projects a payment plan with milestones may be more suitable. 



Next you'll fill out a client questionnaire worksheet. The information you provide will serve as a reference point for future conversations and will inform the direction of the work going forward. We'll cover information about your background, business, brand strategy, core values, brand messaging and more.   

You'll also gather and provide samples of your existing branding, if you have any, so I can understand where we are starting from and what can be improved going forward. 

Research & Review
We'll schedule a follow-up call or video meeting to review your questionnaire answers, assess your existing materials, take a look at your competitors' branding and talk over moodbaords with visual examples I've put together for you to evaluate. Clients often find this Discovery phase to be very helpful, not only to inform the design work we create for the project, but also to clarify how and what to communicate as a business in other areas going forward. 



Based on the information and insights from the Discovery phase, I'll create and present initial design concepts for you. 

  • These will be presented by email or video call meeting, where I'll walk you through each design and the thinking behind it. 
  • After the call I'll send you PDF files so you can review the concepts again.



Once you've selected the best concept, I will refine it further if need be. Where revisions are required, here's how they are handled: 

  • You review concepts internally and gather feedback from your team
  • You provide all of the gathered feedback at one time 
  • I will confirm all edit requests and make revisions to the design 
  • I will send you the revised concept for review 

Once the feedback you provide is implemented to revise the concept, this completes one round of revisions. 3 rounds of revisions are included with each project. If more are required, they are available and billed at an hourly rate. (On average, most projects usually take less than the full 3 rounds of revisions per project item). 



Once all work has been completed and the final designs approved, I'll create and deliver all final artwork files to you and other vendors if applicable.

If your project inlcudes a brand guidelines document, all of the elements of your brand identity (your logo, typography, color palette, photographic style, graphic elements, etc.) it will be delivered to you in digital format. This is a valuable reference tool to help keep any visual content produced looking consistent, professional and on-brand for years to come.  



A standard brand identity project typically requires 6-8 weeks to complete. A stand alone logo project on average requires 3-4 weeks. 


For new project inquiries and more information, please get in touch



Wayne Ogilvie is a brand identity designer, brand consultant and speaker based in Toronto, Canada. Wayne creates distinctive logos and visual identities for boutique businesses worldwide and has over 15 years of experience as a designer. Read more

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