Wayne Ogilvie Design is a boutique branding and design studio that partners with businesses to realize their biggest ambitions. Our mission is simple – combine intelligent thinking and beautiful design to build your brand, drive business growth and create more impactful ways for your organization to communicate with the world around you.

About Us

Brands Designed for Connection

At the heart of every great brand are people with a unique point of view and a vision to improve the world around them. Often times the challenge is this: how do you communicate your vision to engage and connect with people on an emotional level? Our four principles: Beauty attracts attention. Purpose stimulates the intellect. Creativity fuels imagination. Excellence inspires action. 

Wayne Ogilvie Design About Us
Wayne Ogilvie Design Our Approach
Our Approach

Listen, learn, design and deliver.

Every client relationship begins with discussion. You share your vision for a particular project, the goals you have set and the outcomes you are hoping to achieve, and we listen to you. Once the project parameters have been established the working process begins – from research and discovery to design, refinement and successful delivery.

How we Work

Creativity with Purpose

Purpose is the diamond in the rough at the core of all meaningful endeavours. Understanding the reasons why you need to update your branding or redesign your website helps guide the solutions that will be developed. While purpose defines function, motive and intention it is the beauty of creativity that inspires enthusiasm, sparks passion and brings vision to life.

Wayne Ogilvie Design How We Work
What we Believe

The Core Four

Every great business has a set of values and beliefs that informs the decisions they make and the approach they take to everything they do. Here are four core values that guide and inform everything we do. 

Wayne Ogilvie Design Values Purpose


Understanding the purpose – of your organization, your goals and your objectives – is the first step towards a successful outcome.

Wayne Ogilvie Design Values Creativity


The very fact that your business exists is an act of creativity – bringing thoughtful ideas to life with imagination and intelligence. 

Wayne Ogilvie Design Values Beauty


Beauty is balance and refinement in equal measure – engaging, elegant, attractive, appealing and always by design.

Wayne Ogilvie Design Values Excellence


Excellence simply means the very best that something can be – of the highest quality, with attention to detail, in pursuit of perfection.

Work in Partnership

our Clients

From established well known brands to experienced start-ups and ambitious individuals, Wayne Ogilvie Design has been fortunate to build strong working relationships and long-term partnerships with businesses across a wide range of sectors.

bell logo
archangel ventures
investors group
goodmans llp
krimson klover
laura secord
leader lane developments
versatile studios
westy productions
sick kids

Additional Clients

A Mindful Society
Adele Wellness
Bower Boxing
Brown Recordings
Crowns by Caleigh
Dental Works on Cornwall
Detox Club
Elite High Performance Coaching
Exide Technologies

First Beacon Entertainment
Fuze Productions
Fuze Reps
IG Wealth Management
Ivana Santilli
Jigsaw Casting
Mark Reeder Fine Art
Michael Apollo
Milo Casting

Mindful Gateway Consulting
Nate Bower Fitness
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Peoples Trust Company
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Six Pence Bridal Accessories
St. John The Baptist Church
The Dempster Clinic

The Property Collective
The Steve Nash Foundation
Tri-Train Triathlon Coaching
Universal Rosscam
Vapor Music
W Events

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