I'm a designer, consultant and speaker specializing in branding, graphic design and communications. Based in the Toronto area, I work with clients throughout North America and occasionally abroad. Generally I work as an independent designer, though I also have a close network of collaborators to partner with when a project requires it. Read more below for my main areas of specialization.  

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Brand Identity Design

How things look matters and a company’s visual image, when presented with care and attention, builds trust and inspires confidence with customers, team members, partners and investors. My apporach to brand identity design (logo, visual identity and guidelines) is to distill complex ideas into simple, effective visual solutions that generate interest in your company and contribute to greater business success.


Design & Consulting Services

From advertising to print and product packaging, I offer custom design and consulting services to companies and individuals looking to solve business challenges with a mix of smart strategic thinking and considered creative ideas. I bring over a decade of experience working for Fortune 500 clients and boutique businesses delivering solutions from design and consulting to talks and workshops. 


Background & Education

I was born in Toronto to parents who moved to Canada from the Caribbean. An artist from early age, I displayed an aptitude for the creative disciplines, particularly drawing, music, writing and sports. In true Canadian style, my background is a mix of Caribbean, English and Scottish descent. 

I hold a BFA Honours degree in Graphic Design and Visual Art from York University, with a minor concentration in Semiotics and Sociology. After several years of freelancing and working in creative roles at various agencies and boutique firms, I started my own business in 2008. 

Outside of work, I love all things art and design including architecture, cars, music, fashion and film. I'm a pretty decent baker thanks to my mom and my interest in stylish footwear can be traced back to my dad. If the names Rafa, Roger and Serena sound familiar, then it's easy to ace the sport I love most. 

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Wayne Ogilvie is Founder and Creative Director at Wayne Ogilvie Design, an independent branding and design studio that helps businesses to establish, improve and reinvent how the world sees them. Over the past 14 years Wayne has specialized in working with business owners and executive leadership teams to create corporate identity systems, digital experiences and creative assets for global brands, start-ups and everything in-between.

Some of the clients he has worked with include Blackberry, Cadbury, LG Electronics, Ford Motor Company of Canada, IG Wealth Management and Sick Kids Hospital. Wayne is also an occasional speaker and workshop facilitator with a focus on personal development, social issues and cultural topics. He is a former musician who has performed at international festivals, events, and venues having toured extensively across Canada and abroad.


I’ve been fortunate to build strong working relationships and long-term partnerships with clients across a wide range of sectors. A select list of clients I have worked with includes:

A Mindful Society
Detox Club
The Dempster Clinic
Elite High Performance Coaching 
Ford Motor Co. of Canada
Fuze Reps
Goodmans LLP
IG Wealth Management
Krimson Klover
Laura Secord
Leader Lane Developments
LG Electronics
People's Trust Company
Proctor and Gamble
Sick Kids Hospital
The Steve Nash Foundation
Universal Rosscam
Versatile Studios
Wellington Music
Westy Productions


These are some of the core values and beliefs that inform the decisions I make in my work and life.

Understanding the purpose of a project – your vision, goals and objectives – is the first step towards achieveing a successful outcome.

Every project is an opportunity to solve a challenge, develop thoughtful ideas and bring them to life with imagination and intelligence.

Beauty to me is balance and refinement in equal measure – visually engaging design solutions that achieve the larger business objectives.

In every project I strive to create work that is the best that it can be – of the highest quality, with attention to detail, in pursuit of perfection.


I have delivered talks and facilitated workshops with topics ranging from branding & design to professional development, social and cultural issues. Here are just a few topics I have spoken on:

How To Transform Anything
Why Good Values Matter
What Does Being Canadian Mean?
Does Diversity Make Us Better?
How to Respect Differing Viewpoints
What Do You Believe and Why?
The Power of Knowing Your Purpose
How Well Do You Know Yourself?
How to Have More Empathy
Turn Any Negative Into a Positive
How To Build Your Brand
Branding 101


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Wayne Ogilvie is a brand identity designer, brand consultant and speaker based in Toronto, Canada. Wayne creates distinctive logos and visual identities for boutique businesses worldwide and has over 15 years of experience as a designer. Read more

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