Feedback from some
of my clients


“Responses have been stellar”


The work you completed has helped launch the Leader Lane Developments brand, and made it recognizable amongst the broader commercial real estate and development industry. It has given legitimacy to the vision and has provided investors and collaborators an easy understanding of our business strategy. Responses have been stellar – presented very professionally, better than most competitors, and at a level of quality commensurate with our business and product. Overall the experience has been very easy, although very thorough and comprehensive. The interviews and questionnaires we participated in prior to any kind of design or content creation were very good. They gave a good background on who we are, an understanding of what our objectives were and how we want to be perceived in the world. Your process is very professional and organized, deliberative and collaborative. Honestly, I can’t think of any suggestions for you to improve, our experience was of the highest level of quality and professionalism.


“Very impressed”


I would recommend Wayne Ogilvie Design wholeheartedly. I recently worked with him on a branding project (logo redesign, visual identity and brand guidelines) and it was seamless! Wayne went above and beyond on many occasions. I was very impressed with the professional process and execution, timeliness, creativity, ability to discuss open and honestly how things were going, and more. He really changed the face of our brand which will remain indefinitely. I very much enjoyed working with Wayne and look forward to more projects in the future.

Rachel Brenneman 


“Extremely creative”


Wayne has added so much value to my business it's hard to encapsulate it all in a short paragraph, but here's what I've outlined as some of his major strengths: Wayne is extremely creative and has an amazing ability to see the big picture of what a brand or campaign should look like and then actually take it from big picture to fruition. Wayne understands people; he gets who they are, and so when working with him on creative, strategy, brand development or anything design related, we are always on the same page, and he’s always clear about my vision while keeping an eye on how it fits within the bigger picture of my overall business. And he’s dependable, accountable and reliable. Enough said. So, if I had to sum it up, I would say Wayne's creativity, ingenuity, accountability, integrity and ability to take a big-picture idea and bring it to life via branding, campaign or art direction that fully speaks to his client and their audience, is truly a gift, not a skill.

Adele Tevlin


“Exactly what I wanted”


Working with Wayne has been a world of difference when compared to some of the previous designers I have worked with. First off, he is always responsive and reliable. Obviously, his work product is fantastic, but without good client service I don't think that means much, at least for me. Wayne is very easy to talk to and he really listens to ideas. On our first meeting, I felt like he just got it – he knew exactly what I wanted to achieve with my brand. Throughout the project process, he was extremely patient while working with me and I always felt like my project was at the top of his priority list, which is really nice since I know he often works simultaneously on a number of projects for different clients. I really don't think I have any constructive criticism. There hasn't been anything I have not liked. Wayne is always available, whether it's through email, phone or willing to meet in person, and on top of it all, he is always up for a creative challenge. Given all of the above, you can see that's it's pretty easy to recommend Wayne.

Whitney Pizale


“So proud”


I’m so proud of how far the branding has helped take our business! Really looking forward to working with you on more projects.




Wayne, thanks so much for the dope logo design. God bless you!

Ashlon Jackson


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