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Leader Lane Developments

Building an Established Brand for new community builders

Leader Lane Developments is a forward thinking real estate development company with a focus on accessible luxury property development within desirable community settings. Established by two accomplished industry leaders, the company engaged Wayne Ogilvie Design to deliver on three key objectives – create a strong and identifiable brand identity, clarify the vision and product segment and to legitimize the business in competitive landscape. 

Leader Lane Developments
Leader Lane Developments 'LLD' lettermark symbol
Leader Lane Development
Symbol and logotype applied to stationery with gold foil

The concept of community builders is at the heart of the brand identity. The  ‘LLD’ lettermark combines bold and curved forms, inspired by the unique shapes and patterns that urban buildings create when seen from an aerial view. The 45 degree angle  ‘pathway’ that intersects each letter was also inspired by the natural pathways that people create when they cut through a park or natural area. The combined ideas work to form a recognizable and iconic symbol.

Leader Lane Developments
Leader Lane Website
Leader Lane Website

The visual identity was further supported by a palette consisting of deep Prussian blue with the logo cast in muted gold and applied to various branded collateral, further communicating the brand characteristics of quality, maturity and professionalism. 

Leader Lane Print

Brand imagery was selected to highlight the attention to detail, desirable amenities and thoughtful finishing touches that characterize Leader Lane Developments’ approach to creating livable and luxurious spaces for their clientele. All print and collateral material feature high-end finishes and premium touches such as foil stamping and guilded edges, further communicating the brand’s upmarket positioning. 

Leader Lane Developments
Leader Lane Developments
Leader Lane Developments
Leader Lane Developments
Leader lane Developments Branding by Wayne Ogilvie Design
Project Outcomes

“Responses to the branding, website and marketing materials has been stellar. It has given legitimacy to the vision and has provided investors and collaborators an easy understanding of our business strategy. Our experience of collaborating with Wayne was of the highest level of quality and professionalism.”

Don Manlapaz
Partner at Leader Lane Developments

Services Provided

Brand Identity
Brand Guidelines
Printed Materials
Website Design
Outdoor Signage
Art Direction
Content Strategy

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